Superbowl Pizza

Superbowl Sunday was a great day. Everyone made their own pizza and had a lot of fun watching our team lose. Sorry Pats… maybe next year.

On the menu: popcorn, fruit, artichoke dip with rice crackers and celery sticks, make-your-own pizza with all the fixings and a chocolate taste off for dessert.

To keep things allergy friendly, I made the dough.  It’s easily made the day before and kept in the refrigerator until 2 hours before your ready to shape it.  Each batch made 4 little pizzas.  I bake the pizzas at 500 degrees on a pizza stone set directly on the floor of my oven.  The sauce is my brother-in-law  Trent’s secret recipe and although I changed it a bit, I’ve sworn not to share his secret ingredient.  Any simple sauce will do.  We had different cheese options with and without dairy – our favorite “fake” cheese is Daiya.  See more of our take on pizza.

Congratulations to my husband Paul for winning the football pool!



Here are a few pizza dough mixes we have tried.

As always, check the labels carefully for allergens and cross-contamination.  Some gluten-free mixes contain egg, milk powders, and even almond flour.  Also, we find that some allergy free mixes show ask you to add allergens like eggs or milk back into the mix to make the recipe.  Read carefully!  If in doubt, contact the company for more information and if you still can’t get answers, just forget it.


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