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Lunchbox Roundup of the Week

Well, one more week is in the bag – school is off to a great start for us and it is flying by.  My children are adapting pretty well to the new schedule, but it’s been a lot of adjustment.  My kindergartener is doing a great job at his new school, but the demands of his new schedule have him pretty tired at the end of the day. I’ll admit we’ve had a few melt downs – and I’ll say we because when he melts down, I feel like doing it too. These are just another reminder that we need to eat well and get enough sleep.

Beyond school and a growing pile of homework, my daughter plays tennis several hours a week, plays piano, participates in a Brownie Troop and rides horses.  This means a lot of juggling and commitment for all of us.  We are self employed and sometimes our jobs are just too demanding to make it all work, as a result she has had to take a break from horses for a couple of months so we could get our Saturdays back. If my daughter had her choice, she’d be doing about 10 other things as well – playing in the school rock band, more horses, gymnastics, swim lessons, more horses, dancing, and did I mention more horses…? But there is just not enough hours in a lifetime to do everything she wants, so she has made choices to continue with the things she cares about most and our family can support.  I’m really proud of her and her dedication to getting it all done.

Here are some rules that we all have agreed to stand by as a family:

During the week, don’t even think about turning on the TV (my 5 year old isn’t so happy about this one)
No computer or iPad unless it’s school related and then it comes last
Homework and other commitments come before play time
Do your best work and give your best effort in everything you do
Help one another – that includes helping me with dishes, sweeping, cat care
Respect yourself and others – constantly ask if you are treating someone the way you would like to be treated
Do your best to get to bed on time – sleep is so important!!! kids in bed reading by 7:00pm on a school night

With all that going on, I think it’s so important for the kids to have time to play, be in nature, relax, cook, laugh… But sometimes as a mom it just feels like it’s all flying by. I came across this blog post by Finding Joy that really touched what I feel is important as well – 20 Things Not to Regret Doing with Kids. I need to print this up and put it somewhere I will see it everyday – loved it so much.

Beyond all the hustle and bustle I’m feeling, we made some fun lunches this week that you will find below, but first I wanted to share some cool allergy-friendly recipes by others that I made this week:

First, if you are looking for a new chicken recipe to try, this is it. My Sister’s Phenomenal Grilled Green Chicken by Nom Nom Paleo.  It was awesome, it rocked, it was yum and child approved: There is fish sauce in the recipe so those with a fish allergy could omit that probably without too much notice.

Another recipe that I loved was Balanced Bites homemade ketchup – again, child approved:  It’s really yummy and worth a try if you are sick of all that store bought over sweet stuff. Balanced Bites also has a really fun podcast and this week they talked about traveling and how to do it gluten free, plus some good tips on avoiding hidden gluten so you don’t spoil your trip.

One last link to share is from Stir it up!  She wrote a bit about food allergies and shares a recipe from Everyday Paleo – Sundried Tomato Basil Meatballs that I definitely want to make this week. There’s a great picture of her daughter with her face stuffed – hilarious. I love seeing healthy kids, loving their healthy meal.

So without further ado, here’s your round up 12 more lunch boxes plus you’ll find 6 more on Instagram that aren’t pictured here. See Sept 18, 19, 20th.



Carrots, red barlett pears, dried strawberries, tuna jerky, turkey sandwich with cucumbers and avo on sourdough.



Pumpkin muffin made with sunflower seed flour – turned bright green on the inside. It’s a common reaction between sunflower seeds and baking soda. More pears – these pears were insanely good.



Another “green” muffin and some plum slices for kindergarten snack.


I recall running late this morning – quickly rolled up some lunch meat, cucumbers, apple, plum (shared with the kinder snack above), rollup.



Kinder lunch was rainbow carrots, trail mix and some quickly cooked up chicken.  I seasoned a chicken breast with salt and pepper and herbs, then browned it in some olive oil, then a squeeze of lemon. Shared between 2 lunches, it was a quick addition to a lunch.


Rainbow carrots, chicken, banana, dried mango, apples.


The regular players and a tuna salad with coconut milk on sourdough.


Kinder lunch was a 1/2 banana, peppers, cucumbers, carrots and a hard-boiled egg.



This was our Sunday dinner a couple weeks ago. Bacon Chicken from a cookbook called Beyond Bacon. It was so yummy roasted on a bed of cabbage and onions. I found a nice pasture raised bird from a local farm. The kids loved it – my son had three helpings and made up a song about bacon.  Then we were able to use the leftovers in our lunches for the next few days. I also made broth from the bones, so every bit was eaten and enjoyed.


Here is dried mango, strawberry rollup, apple, carrots, jicama and bacon chicken on a stick.


Green olives, trail mix, bacon leftovers, jicama, carrots



More bacon chicken on a stick, trail mix and carrots and jicama.



The regular players from the week, but this day was chicken, bacon, avo on sourdough.



And lastly, this was a lovely soup made from the leftovers as well. Broth made from the bones, roasted cabbage, onions, chicken and little bits of bacon from the dinner, carrots, parsley and some avo on top. My five year old and I had a beautiful and nourishing soup in just 10 minutes.

Until next time,  Lisa





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