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More Health Troubles – Asthma

Recently our daughter Autumn had an asthma attack.  This took us by surprise as we were not aware she had asthma.  And we’re still not sure she does…

Here’s the short version of what happened. It was a hot day, out of the ordinary for our beachside town. She rode horses in the morning, followed by a family trip to see a bike race in the afternoon where she fell and scraped up her knee.  Then she got upset at bedtime because I had to clean out her scraped up knee.  She went to bed and got up in the middle of the night gasping for air in a panic. It was very scary for her and me not knowing what was happening. I pulled her out of bed and tried to get her to calm down – turned on a cartoon, made some tea, deep breaths…

It’s been over a week now and we’re still sorting out what happened. One doctor says asthma. One doctor says maybe not. Another doctor says she probably has environmental allergies; another says maybe not.   All I know is: hot + dusty + tears + horses = trouble.  There is something there, lurking and unknown. I can’t help but think of Bob Dylan’s version of that old spiritual Wade in the Water. No one can define a Bob Dylan song literally, but it feels like we’re wading in that troubled water all the time. Until further testing can be done, that’s all I have to work with for now. Asthma medication is helping her with symptoms, but she’s not 100% well yet.

As a parent, I want answers so we can prevent another attack, but it isn’t always easy. Our experience with food allergies has taught us to be patient, be cautious, and listen to our own intuition.  As far as doctors go, we’ve learned to keep our expectations low – not expect them to have the answers.  I do feel our doctors are doing the best that their knowledge will provide, but they just don’t always know the answers to our questions: Does she have asthma? Does she have environmental allergies that could have triggered this attack? What has caused this new development in her health? How is her overall immune system affected by all this? Could a food intolerance beyond her main food allergies be playing a part in this? Will she ever grow out of her food allergies? Do people grow out of asthma?…

Another parent was saying to me how frustrated I must be not to have the answers right now, but honestly, I’m getting used to it. What I can’t bare would be telling my child “No” to one more thing.  All I know is, we will continue to live and let her do the things she loves like ride horses. We’ll not let food allergies, environmental allergies or even asthma get the best of us. We’re going to wade in that water… and live a full, fun life.  Hopefully asthma inhalers are waterproof 🙂

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