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Homemade cookies the easy way

There’s just something special about a plate of homemade cookies. After our last post about our allergy-induced emotional rollercoaster, we needed something to pick up our spirits. Warm chocolate chip cookies brought back smiles and giggles, and somehow everything is feeling right with the world again – funny how that happens.

But sometimes you just don’t have time to make it from scratch. We tried the Old Fashioned Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix from the Pure Pantry and they were pretty darn good!  The mix is free of gluten, dairy, soy, nuts and eggs – as well as refined sugar, GMO’s and preservatives.  We made them with Ener-G egg replacer and earth balance vegan butter but you could use coconut oil.

I made half by spooning the batter on to the cookie sheet and baking them into tiny teaspoon sized cookies (below). The second half I formed into a log, put into the fridge for a couple days, then the kids cut them and helped cook them up. This made perfectly round, identical cookies and was really easy for the kids to do (in jar above). I love the idea of mixing these up at night and keeping in the fridge for when you want a few cookies or need something for lunches.

Once cooked, these were crispy cookies, perfect with some rice milk, hot chocolate or coffee.  We shared the first batch with a bunch of family members and they scarfed them up – no one noticed or cared they were gluten free and allergy free.





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