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Fourth of July Pops

Happy Fourth of July!

With the weather heating up, we’ve been making a lot of homemade freezer pops. Pops are super easy and healthy, and we can safely know what is in them. In honor of the Fourth, we attempted some stars and striped pops – considering they only last about 5 minutes before the kids eat them up, we were pretty proud of ourselves.

Our pops were made with:
Unsweetened blueberry juice – sweetened with stevia to taste
Unsweetened cherry juice – sweetened with stevia to taste
Vanilla soy yogurt thinned with a little rice milk
Apples cut into stars

Here are some inspiring recipes that I love for pops…

Jamie Oliver’s Yogurt Pops – substitute out the regular yogurt for soy or coconut yogurt if you need to.

Rick Bayless’ Paletas de Fruitas (Fruit Ice Pops) – so refreshing, these are great for using up your bruised up summer fruit.

Girlichef’s Hibiscus Popsicles with Mango

We have a Zoku pop maker– it makes quick work of freezing the pops and the kids have a good time cutting out shapes and faces for their popsicle.

Feel free to comment with your favorite pop combinations.



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