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Do the kids in your child’s class understand their food allergies? Recently a new boy to our school thought Autumn was just faking her allergies and decided to chase her with a cheese sandwich.  He was quickly set straight by mobs of friends in the know who ran to get the Principal, so all ended well.  This boy clearly didn’t understand what Autumn goes through and probably hasn’t been around kids with food allergies.  He was very vocal insisting she was lying about it. It can be hard to believe, even for some adults, that their favorite food can and will hurt an allergic person.

This great audio slideshow at allergyhome.org can help your child’s teacher bring food allergy awareness to the classroom in 4 1/2 minutes. It is designed for elementary age children without food allergies with the purpose of increasing empathy and support and discouraging bullying.


Hoping you all have a great school year ahead.

Until next time,  Lisa


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