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Food allergies and parties

Our family has been working hard hosting a two week art open house in our home.  All this partying got me thinking about some of the things we do or have done to help keep our food allergy child safe at parties – here at home, at school, or at a friend’s house.1110-party-ab

  • She always wears her allergy bracelet.
  • We always make sure an Epi-pen and Benedryl is with her and an adult knows how to use it.
  • We have created a rule where she only eats food that she brings from home or her parents approve (not other grown ups – even grandparents).
  • When she feels like it, she wears a special pin – We made these together, she loves wearing them. They say things like “I have food allergies” and “Don’t feed me anything”.
  • We keep cupcakes in the freezer for parties where other kids will have cake or cupcakes.
  • She always has a lunchbox with enough food to keep her happy and fed. Always bring extra food so you don’t need to leave early.
  • From the time she could walk, keeping track of our daughter at parties was a challenge. She’s quite the social butterfly, so we would put a sticker on her back that said “Don’t feed me anything, I have food allergies”, then she would roam around weddings or parties without the fear of a well-meaning friend feeding her something before we could intercept it.
  • It also helps to have friends and family who understand. Be upfront about your child’s food allergies. Let all your friends and relatives know what your child’s limitations are, what you would like them to do, how they can help – I have a close circle of friends that when we gather, I’m confident they will always check in with me before offering anything to my daughter.

Halloween is coming so we’ll be posting ideas for an allergy free Halloween soon.  Stay safe everyone.

Until next time,  Lisa


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