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Chicken salad with pears

This is a very quick little chicken salad that my kids love.  This is made with pears – you’ll find me using pears a lot in the next couple months. Some people wait for apple season, but I think pears are the real star of fall.  Anyway, this is made with leftover cooked chicken – we are lucky to live within walking distance of a little beach-side sandwich shop that makes great rotisserie chicken that he slow cooks over an open flame.  We frequent the place so we know he doesn’t use butter or other allergens on his chicken, but be sure to ask. Some of those supermarket pre-roasted chickens are made with butter. I’ve also found that some employees don’t really know what’s on the chicken and it doesn’t say- so watch out.

This is 1 cup of chicken cut up, 1/2 a pear cut up, a handful of spinach, 1 sage leaf finely chopped, 1 teaspoon fresh parsley finely chopped, 2 teaspoons of mayo (to fit your allergy), salt and pepper, and pickled onions on top – these are optional (to child’s liking).  This is one was served on a lettuce leaf and rolled up for easy eating, but you could put it on your favorite bread or pita, open-face on toast or a bagel.  If you chop the ingredients smaller it’s great with crackers.

If this kind of thing is new to your children, try it at home first. Chop the ingredients smaller so it’s easier to spread and let them do it themselves when they aren’t rushed and have some time. My son loves practicing spreading things with a little knife. Yes, it’s messy, but beyond practicing his motor skills, he’s more likely to eat what he just worked so hard to get onto his cracker. While you’re at it have them pour their own drink as well.

This makes 2 sandwiches and packs best into school lunches as a sandwich or a pita.  If using gluten free or other soft bread, use a piece of lettuce or spinach between the bread and chicken salad to keep the bread from getting soggy before the kids can eat it. This is also great in a little container packed along side some rice crackers – my kids love to dip anything.

We’re off to Stanford today to see a pulmonary specialist regarding Autumn’s asthma. Have a great day – more lunch ideas tomorrow!

Until then, Lisa


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