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Back to School Lunchbox Roundup

Today is the 8th day of school and things are going really great so far. It seems like we spent the first week of school filling out medical emergency forms, and ensuring the office got all the information about our kids’ medical needs.

This also marks the time of year when we renew our EpiPen prescriptions.  We have three –one for home, one for the school office and one for the classroom.  After this year, my daughter will be carrying her own, but for now this is the drill.  Our medical insurance has never been great about covering the EpiPens and some years we pay 1308-lunchboxes2-7well over $500 when it’s all said and done.  I was excited to learn this year that not only was there now a generic, but coupons for epinephrine autoinjectors. We took full advantage of this great deal and were really happy when the copay was $0 this time around.  Here’s FARE’s resource page for the coupons: http://blog.foodallergy.org/2013/07/26/patient-assistance-resources-for-epinephrine-auto-injectors/

ALSO make sure you check your expiration dates at the pharmacy.  Our pharmacy gave us one box with an expiration date of this October.  After 2 more visits to the pharmacy, and a lot of talk, they finally straightened everything out and gave us one with the expiration date a year away. The dates should be at least a year away if not more.

We’re all adjusting to the new routine – getting up early, making lunches, doing homework, and juggling all the after school activities like tennis and piano.  Because of everything going on, we don’t turn on the TV during the week and that has been an adjustment as well. I didn’t realize how much my little counts on seeing his favorite shows.

On the allergy side of things, my daughter’s teacher has been really nice about everything.  I’m not sure I feel confident that she would know what to do if there was an emergency, but I’ve given her all the info I can. It is so important that my daughter looks out for herself and makes good decisions to keep herself safe.  Ultimately it will be up to her to seek help if she needs it.  We have gone over with her all the symptoms she might feel during a reaction, she wears her emergency bracelet and all her meds are in place, now all we can do is hope we’ve done enough to keep her safe.  Just a few days into school she was taunted with nuts at lunch – that was unfortunate, but she handled it well.

I hope you are having a good start to your year and hope you find these lunches of some help.

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Until next time,  Lisa


Strawberries, carrots, apples, coconut-date bars, salmon rolls: greens, avo and salmon salad rolled in nori. Coconut-date bars are a homemade larabar concoction of dates, coconut, dried fruit, seeds and chocolate chips.  Here’s a similar recipe: Sunny Coconut Bars


Kinder lunch is salami, coconut-date bars, fruit
Kinder lunch: salami, coconut-date bars, fruit1308-lunchboxes2-12

Tuna salad and avocado on sourdough with all the regular players.


This kinder lunch has some mini chicken apple sausages.


Melon, mini chicken apple sausages, dried apricot.  The kids dried these apricots themselves so they love seeing them in their lunches.


The little blue container here was for a class party the kindergarten had that day.  I made some gluten free crackers from Against All Grain’s new cookbook, but used applesauce instead of eggs. They were good, but we jazzed them up a bit with some chocolate.  Lunch was  a chicken club in a boat: a cucumber peeled and seeded with chicken salad and a piece of bacon, veg and a bar.


Kinder lunch this day was a couple gluten free crackers with sunflower seed butter and our homemade strawberry rhubarb jam  with fruit and a couple cabbage leaves rolled up with salami, peppers and avo.

Just a note: someone gave us a bag of Asian pears and they were great in lunches. They don’t brown or get mushy and they were really so good. Let your friends with fruit trees know you are interested in any fruit they want to share – this could save you some money and be a great way to add snacks to the kids lunches – eat them fresh or dry the fruit.



This kinder lunch was salmon salad in an apple, popcorn, veggies, a little fruit and some gummies.



This was my daughter’s version of the same lunch. Hers had a little cup of yogurt as well as a bit more fruit.



Asian pears, tomatoes from the garden, carrots, gummies and an avocado and cucumber sandwich on sourdough.  When I make a sandwich, I usually save half for after school.



Kinder lunch: hard boiled egg, Asian pears, gummies, carrots



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