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Allergy Friendly Easter Eggs

Easter eggs are a bright, cheerful symbol of spring – new beginnings, rebirth, a fresh start and so fun to decorate, hide and find. Each year we struggle to find a safe way for our egg-allergic child to safely take part in this fun tradition. In the past, we’ve blown out the eggs, cleaned, dyed and decorated them. While they’ve always turned out really great, they are time consuming to blow out and really fragile. This year we’re trying wooden eggs instead.

I love that the children can actually play with them and keep them to use year after year.  Each year they’ll be able to add more to their collection.



Here’s what we used – you won’t need all these supplies, but you can use this list to get some ideas. Always use non-toxic art supplies:

Wooden eggs – easily found at a craft store or online
Egg coloring – that’s used for regular eggs will stain the wood and bring interesting results
Paints, brushes, water – Watercolor or acrylic will work
Colored pencils
Glitter glue
Wood burner
Wood polish

Look online or in books for pictures to use for inspiration. We love looking at Ukrainian or Greek eggs as well as real bird eggs for inspiration.  Use colored pencils, paints, glitter glue – whatever inspires. If you want to use a woodburner, have the kids draw their designs first using pencils, then burn them into the wood for them.  You can have the kids write their names on an egg every year to watch their writing progress. After they dry, we use a non-toxic, beeswax based wood polish to finish them off – just rub on, let dry and buff until shiny and smooth.


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