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Allergies and Independence

As our daughter gets older and is learning to read and gain independence we are working with her to find ways she can feel confident that what she’s eating is safe. She needs to be able to get a snack on her own without always asking if it’s safe. When the babysitter or Grandma is here, they don’t always remember what is safe either. Soon she’ll be reading labels and learning how to check products herself but for now we still need to supervise and “OK” all the food she’s eating. She is pretty familiar with her favorite snacks, but when there’s a question, we’ve been writing with a big black felt pen “NO” or “OK” as a helpful reminder.

Over at Paper & Pigtails they have some free printables that will help label food as safe or not.  Putting stickers on food will be a fun job for my daughter to do while we put away the groceries and will also help her remember what foods are OK to eat. Love this!

They also have a card you can print out for lunch bags or parties.  This is a good idea as I always send her to play dates with a similar note with all this information. Keeping it attached to her lunchbox at all times is a great idea too.

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