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A trip to the farmers’ market

We are lucky to live near the fertile farmlands of the Monterey Bay Area with its amazing crops of strawberries, artichokes and nearly everything in between. Our mild year-round climate and fertile soils create a perfect match between eating healthy and eating local. We visit the farmers’ market pretty regularly, but right now things are really exciting. The colors, smells and flavors of our local food are amazing.

Taking my children to the farmers’ market is about more than shopping for food, its a delicious adventure that engages all the senses. It’s a magic place where peaches are transformed into what they were meant to be – fragrant, sweet, delicious. There are countless varieties of tomatoes, and every veggie you’ve heard of and never heard of.  Children walk around eating corn on the cob and sampling strawberry samples.  Even the most picky eaters are suddenly transformed into little chefs, smelling peaches and carefully selecting the best green beans.

In a world full of food dangers for my allergic child, this remains one of the safe places to explore food.  We still watch out for some of our local sellers who sell nuts, cheese and eggs (don’t forget your EpiPen!), but the market is wonderful place buzzing with the magic of community and the promise of many healthy meals ahead.

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Until next time,  Lisa

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