Lunchbox Shopping

Lunchbox Shopping

We’ve been shopping around for a new lunchbox to start school this fall. With all that is out there, we found anything is possible, so to narrow it down, we used these criteria for choosing the perfect box: made from food safe materials, ease of cleaning, durability, easy to carry and fit in the backpack, waste-free, curb appeal- is it cute, and cost. Here are some of our favorites:



Planet Box – It’s a stainless steel bento – style box. I love that it’s stainless steel – avoiding plastic and all its chemicals is tops on my list. It washes well in the dishwasher, looks really durable, keeps the lunch in good shape and holds a water bottle.  If we get this one, I may add a shoulder strap to help carry it into restaurants and around town. Loving this one.


OOTS! – This is a box full of little boxes that hold individual lunch items. The top of the box holds your bottle, then there’s a little strap. This is pretty nice, but not sure its perfect for school lunches and all the beatings it will take on the playground and lunchroom.


Tiffin Boxes – These are a classic design, but this company has taken it to another level – many shapes, insulated bags. Love this for the older set, adults to take to work, or a picnic with the family. The downside would be that you can’t zap your meal in the microwave if you needed to. Also to make it more kid friendly it would need to be contained better with a drink bottle.


Goodbyn – These are a great idea, but kinda small. Might work for kinders who just stay for snack or for carrying around in your bag as a snack on the go.


KOKO Lunch Bags – These are perfect for the older set – high school up to adult. They are insulated lunch bags with straps inside to hold a water bottle. They come in a variety of styles and look just like a purse. LOVE these. I want one!


Cornelia Kitty by Built – Pictured above, this one wins the cute contest hands down.



  1. Did you ever review drink containers for lunch boxes?

  2. After trying nearly every drink container out there – stainless steel Klean Kanteen wins hands down!

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